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This picture was taken with 100 individual 30 second exposures layered in Photoshop, 4 of the pictures failed to take; if you look closely at the brighter trails you can see the gaps.

In the monster


These images are taken with my new cameraphone, the Motorola Droid. The phone has been fantastic so far and well worth the upgrade. Although color accuracy seems to be a bit better, sadly, the image quality (mostly sharpness), and camera settings are a step back from my Samsung Omnia.

Journal 4


I recently caught something I had dropped and instantly questioned how I knew how far to put my hand down in order to keep it from hitting the ground. Such a large amount of data must be stored in an incomprehensible language in our brains that dictates all of our muscle functions. Not to mention when dealing with an object falling we have to calculate how fast it will fall, if it bounces (how high), all before it hits the ground simply with the information we have attained through living in a gravitational field any the properties we have collected about the object.