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LFO – Blown

Wind Gap


Darkstar- Break

I was on the fence about adding the last image, look close and you can see the planes turbulence.
EDIT: On second thought those waves are a little too perfect. Most probably camera vibrations.



For my originality class I am required to write weekly journal entries documenting some thing new. I rather like how the first two have turned out and will be posting them on here from here on out.

Week 1 (converted from handwriting on my tablet pc)

I saw for the first time the arm
of the person that feeds the

squirrels + pigeons in my neighbor.

hood. My apartment looks North over 34 story buildings and each morning there are dozens of pigeons t squirrels eating the bread and nuts lift for them. I have begin taking time-lapse photographs of the sunrises effects on the

view outside my window. During

this tine yesterday I heard an odd crackling noise. j looked to Gee a single arm stretched out of the adjacent building throwing handfuls of walnuts onto the rooftop below.
I’m tempted to call out and thank this person for the flocks of pigeons that greet me each morning but t suppose I’m afraid of scaring them, like I would the pigeons, away with my first shout.

Week 2

Yesterday I learned my apartment building is one hundred and six years old. Built in 1904. I had never pondered its inhabitants before those that had immediately preceded me but now the possibilities flow freely. Prohibition, the great depression, WWI and WWII. One hundred and six years of stories took place between these walls, between this floor and ceiling. What sort of people lived in my apartment, did they too spend their time on the fire escape? Watch the suns rays move across the buildings to the North each morning? How did they spend their time in a place which I so quickly found my routine? Am I the first to sit in awe at the sheer age of, the lives that inhabited, the history of this place I now call my home?



Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix)